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Bass, Bass Synth, Keyboards & Vocals
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The founding member of King Fish, Mike whet his appetite for performing live music in Northwest Ohio where he played both Classic Rock and Country music with notable groups Dusty Roads, Pandora and Sneaky Pete as well as other bands throughout Toledo, Bowling Green and Fremont Ohio. Later Mike was a major force in the rebirth of the Spur9 Band from Southeast Michigan.

A former music major, his roots lie deep in Jazz and Classical music, but he enjoys listening to and playing all generes. Early on, his playing style was influenced by Geddy Lee, Chris Squier, Nathan East and Leland Skylar. One of Mike's memorable moments was when he had the opportunity to perform on stage with legendary Jazz great Maynard Ferguson.

Proficient on 4, 5, 6 and 8-String Basses, Mike play's Fender, Rickenbacker and Steinberger Bass Guitars along with Korg, Roland and Yamaha Keyboards. Mike's thunder is produced via Crown Amps & Ampeg Cabinets. With a wide vocal range, Mike's high-end harmonies and deep bass vocals are just part of what makes the King Fish Sound unique.

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Drums, Percussion & Vocals
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A native of Adrian, MI, Dale was influenced early on by the sounds of Motown, Rock & Roll, Funk and Blues and first picked up the sticks at an early age. A true virtuoso, Dale originally started playing by ear, but eventually began taking lessons to learn to read and write music, allowing him to further hone his skills in his chosen craft.

Later, Dale began to teach Drums and Percussion and has authored two books: Power Pack for the Rock & Roll Drummer and Funk Sambas. As a recording artist, he plays both guitar and bass to round out his skills.

Dale is a consummate musician, able to lay down the groove and sit squarely in the pocket while belting out a mean vocal line. He has played and toured with many Rock, Country, Funk and Blues bands including Head First, Straight Up, Tight Rope, and Ouch, however his best memories come from playing packed house performances right in his home town.

A movie and exercise buff, Dale is a dedicated family man who now makes his home in Brooklyn, MI.

Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
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A vetran of the Southeastern Michigan Rock Scene, Joe learned his chops early on in his youth. Influenced initially by Old School Country, Pop and Classic Rock, his guitar and vocal styles were eventually fashioned after bands like .38 Special, Journey, The Eagles, Travis Tritt and Def Leppard.

Not only a performer, but also a songwriter, Joe often reflects on the privilege of seeing fans fill the dance floor and enjoy a number of songs he has personnaly written. He has performed on stages both large and small with notable local groups Alliance, Hustler, Hellraiser, 4-Play and The Drunken Truth and has opened for both The Pat Travers Band and Molly Hatchet.

Originally a native of Adrian, Joe has made his home in Jackson, MI since 1997. He still prefers playing to local crowds and recalls nights where the crowds were so large, the band couldn't get off the stage, although his most memrable moment is performing with his daughter.

Joe's incredible tenor range allows King Fish the ability to perform many classic rock standards that most bands are unable to mimic.

Guitar, Vocals
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A true musician since his eary years, Lonnie first picked up his Dad's guitar when he was only 9 years old. His father showed him a few chords and Lonnie quickly began playing along with country songs on the radio and quickly progressed to giving live performances less than a year later. Joining his local musician's union at the tender age of only 14 years old, Lonnie has been playing in bands ever since, and reports that he was strongly influenced early on by both The Eagles and Peter Frampton.

For years, Lonnie has been playing for diverse audiences of various sizes, ranging from intimate clubs to monster crowds at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where when the curtain went up, it was impossible to count the number of people in the crowd. Lonnie has performed with numerous bands throughout Illinois, Wisconson and Michigan, including notable groups Freeway, BLT's, Iron Duke, The Drunken Truth, Johnny Green & The Greensmen and many others over his career.

Affectionaly known as "The New Guy", Lonnie is the newest member of King Fish. Lonnie loves to jam and show off his talents, so we asked him if given the chance to play with anyone in the music industry, who it would be. Lonnie immediately picked Bryan Adams due to his inate songwriting abilities and awesome live sound.

Lonnie is a family man who now makes his home in Saline Michigan.